Bank, shop and browse safely.

Download new apps, browse through shopping sites and manage your finances through your mobile phone knowing your phone and personal information are protected from unwanted mobile security threats.

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Make the right connection.

Hotspots that are encrypted or have their passwords changed frequently are signs of secure WiFi connections. Be notified and log on to the most secure WiFi connection available.


Keep your information and data private.

Be alerted of the risky apps that download other malicious software that potentially compromise your personal information and data even before you access them on your phone*

Constant protection from rising threats.

New malwares and threats in risky apps are constantly updated in ZoneAlarm's database, ensuring your operating system is safe from attackers at all times*

We've got you all covered

Wi-Fi Protection

Be notified of secure Wifi hotspots so you can browse at ease

Apps Protection

Constant scanning of apps in your phone to identify malicious spyware for removal*

Device Shield

Keep your operating system protected with a database of all malware and threats that is regularly updated*


Why pay for security?

ZoneAlarm is a premium mobile security solution that protects mobile users on both iOS and Android phones. Protection starts from the point of accessing any WiFi network to using an app so that you can bank, shop and browse safely.

Here's how to get it

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Sign up here
or at any Singtel Shop.

Step 2

You’ll receive a link via SMS to download and activate the app within the next business day.

Step 3

Download the ZoneAlarm app on your mobile device.

Step 4

Start scanning your mobile and enjoy total privacy protection.

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  1. What is ZoneAlarm Mobile Security?

    ZoneAlarm Mobile Security is a mobile security application that provides a suite of services that protects mobile users from online attacks, viruses and spyware so you are assured that your mobile device and personal data are protected as you surf the web and download files.
  2. Who is eligible to sign-up for ZoneAlarm Mobile Security?

    Singtel mobile customers on all postpaid price plans, except mobile broadband data-SIM plans are eligible to sign up.
  3. What mobile operating systems do ZoneAlarm Mobile Security support?

    ZoneAlarm Mobile Security supports both IOS (9.0 and above) and Android (4.2 and above).
  4. Why are some ZoneAlarm Mobile Security features different for iOS and Android?

    iOS and Android are different operating systems with different strengths and vulnerabilities. Therefore, ZoneAlarm Mobile Security app features will vary accordingly.
  5. Can customers outside of Singapore sign up for ZoneAlarm Mobile Security?

    No, ZoneAlarm Mobile Security is only available in Singapore.

    If the customer’s ID is a Singapore ID, user is able to download the application. However if the customer ID is from other countries and the user is in Singapore, then he/she would not be able to download the app.